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Training: Business Valuation & Deal Structuring (Investment Banking M&A)

Click the link above here to download the detailed training manual.

6-day training in Business Valuation & Deal Structuring (Investment Banking M&A) in The Netherlands from 3 until 9 April 2019.

This is a financial modelling training in Microsoft Excel. Topics: 

-Comparable company valuation

-Precedent transaction valuation; 

-DCF valuation;

-Leveraged buyout's (LBO's);

-LBO analysis;

-Sell side M&A analysis;

-Buy side M&A analysis.

This training is very practical (in Microsoft excel!) for M&A Consultants, Private Equity Consultants, Strategy Consultants, Accountants, Bankers, CFO’s, Financial Managers and Tax Lawyers. 

The Trainer: Joris is an experienced M&A consultant in The Netherlands and trainer in Corporate Finance at leading Universities worldwide and Investment Banks in New York, London, Asia and the Middle East. 

Currently Joris is following additional training himself to become RV (Registered Valuator). 

Location Training: Office Kersten Corporate Finance @ Uden in The Netherlands. Dates: 3 until 9 April 2019 (Wednesday until Saturday + Monday and Tuesday). 

The detailed training manual can be downloaded above here. 

Feel free to drop me a message already for more information. [email protected] 

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